At Wilton and Barford Primary School, we believe that every child has the right to be safe and therefore to be cared for in a way that ensures her/his safety and meets her/his individual needs. We recognise that all children need protection at all times from anything or anyone that may cause them harm and we work together following the child protection policy to ensure this. We respect all members of the school’s community and treat information with confidentiality.

Child Protection is one very important aspect of safeguarding. It refers to the activity which is undertaken to protect specific children who are suffering, or at risk of suffering, significant harm. Safeguarding, in addition to child protection, encompasses issues such as pupil health and safety, bullying/cyber-bullying, appropriate medical provision, drugs and substance misuse.

The responsibility for child safeguarding falls on everybody who is employed at the school. All adults who work at Wilton and Barford Primary School are expected to support the school’s Child Protection Policy, with overall responsibility falling upon the Headteacher. All staff, including volunteers, have a statutory obligation to report to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) if there is suspicion of abuse/neglect of a pupil or if a pupil discloses abuse or allegations of abuse. We will follow the child protection procedures set out by the Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board and will have regard to statutory guidance issued by the Department for Education Keeping Children Safe in Education, 2015.

At Wilton and Barford the following people of responsibility for Safeguarding:

R Boase (Headteacher) – Designated Safeguarding Lead

B Davis (SENDco) – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

C Cave – Safeguarding Governor